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wholesale beauty products Photography compositing rules

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-12
You might not realizeBut there is always a rule of thumb to take good photography.According to the video bookmarks in TinkrBoxA video/website bookmark site,These rules have been used repeatedly in movies and pictures to get the perfect picture.In general,There are many rules to make up, but I will focus on 3 main rules.\ N \ r
Rule three-point method.According to a post from the school of digital photography,Also booked in TinkrboxThis rule is the best known composition rule for photographers.However,This rule is ruled out more often than any other rule.Use this rule,Dramatic and interesting shots can be created.This rule states that the imaginary third "point" in the image, the key points of interest to the landscape at the intersection point between the balance of your image, and helps these focus really capture attention.\ N \ r
odds rule.The odds rule states that images are more visually appealing when there are odd-numbered topics.For example,The number of subjects taken should be 3 or 5 or 7.Research shows that people are actually easier and more comfortable when viewing images with a strange number of subjects.\ N \ r
space rule.This rule states that in order to portray the movement,Background and ideas, photos are bigger than just what you see,You will need to leave the cluttered free-white space.For example, if you're shooting a woman laughing at something that isn't in the picture,Leave the space where she laughs.This will help create a story and guide the audience to wonder what is beyond the boundaries of the photo.It is not always necessary to use these rules.The rules are meant to be broken, sometimes,You have to break these rules to create the perfect lens.\n\r\n\nTags:
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