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wholesale beauty products Prime Lenses Vs Zoom Lenses – Which Is Best?

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-12
So,You want a new shot.But you're not quite sure if you get a primary color lens or a zoom lens.Both types of lenses have their advantages and disadvantages,You want to make sure you make the right decision and buy the lens that best suits your photography needs.\ N \ r
case you don't already realize,The main difference between the zoom lens and the primary color lens is that the zoom lens enables you to adjust the focal length within a certain range (For example, 18-50mm),The main lens has a static focal length.So you might want to know what is the point of using a prime lens.Of course, if you have a flexible lens and a choice without flexibility,So flexible is definitely the best,isn\'t it?Well,It's not really that simple,Because the main lens does have some advantages.To start,They are lighter than the focus mirror because they have fewer moving parts.Mechanically speaking,They are relatively simple.\ N \ r
in addition,The main lens tends to have a wider aperture.The aperture of the lens determines how much light the lens allows at any time.The aperture rating is at the ratio,Example 1:3.5 or 1:2.8,But usually when you buy the lens, you will see that there is no 1 in front of it,For example, 3.5.Lens with low aperture is more expensiveAs a lower number means a larger aperture.There is a wide aperture to produce a shallow depth of field,It means that only a small range of distances is in focus.A narrow depth of field (Wide aperture)Would be the ideal close-You want the background to blur the ups of nature,And the depth-of-field (A small caliberWill be great photos of the landscape.\ N \ r
Okay,What about the zoom lens?\ N \ r
Well,The zoom lens will give you a larger range of distances to make up your photos.This means you don't need to be closer or further to your theme to get the picture you want.It can also be great to shoot wild animals,Because you can zoom in without having to change your positionSo you're unlikely to scare off animals.The best way to decide which lens is right for you is to ask yourself what kind of photography you are going to do.If you're shooting a scene that's still there,Such as landscape scenes,Then a main shot could be a good choice.If on the other hand you want to shoot something that is moving,Like animals,people,Or sports photography,Then the zoom lens is a must.\ N \ r
\ it's not easy to try to make this decision,But no matter how you decideA
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is A good example of the lens type and will always be useful as part of your photography kit.Â\nTags:
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