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wholesale cosmetics Acne Is More Than Skin Deep! Adding the Emotional Acne Remedy.

by:Beauty Secret Cosmetics      2019-04-11
The sudden surge in adolescent hormones can not only significantly change children's physical fitness,But so are their personalities.\ N \ r
it is often said that the eyes are the soul of the mirror,But if so, your skin should be a mirror of your personality and physical condition.So it's not surprising to see teenagers with severe acne starting to quit themselves,To avoid activities they usually likeAnd develop a completely different personality from the usual extroverted and social person you are used to seeing.\ N \ r
the skin texture changes of teenagers become thickened,With the deepening of pores,And increase the production of sebum (Natural Moisturizing of skin)This causes the skin to become,And it looks greasy.The increase in the yield of this kind of sebum will also be squeezed out of the hair follicles on the scalp, causing the skin to become dull,Greasy hair,Good measurements are often done with a dose of dandruff.Combining this with sweat production from the exisogenic glands located in the awkward place of the body,The rise of a very unique body smell,And severe doses of acne.You can understand why teenagers feel embarrassed and self -?Realize their personal appearance.\ N \ r
is an adult who sympathizes with them,So you should not relieve their anxiety because of these things,Or treat them as unimportant people without taking the risk of deeply hurting their already fragile self-esteem.Should provide some comfort to your teenagers that you understand,And, you 've been there and done it yourself, 'so they don't feel like they're the only one in the world suffering from acne.Try to talk to them through your experience-It could be a while ago because you had acne,But remember how you work once and you get a huge volcano, "a place that appears before the date.You may be more sympathetic to them.These days children seem to have grown much faster than the previous generations,So, don't be surprised to see the first outbreak of spots in children aged 10 or 11.Acne affects some people from the early stages of puberty to the age of 20,In some cases, even their 30 \'s,So, prepare for a long ride of possibility and bumps!Although it seems easy to pick and squeeze blackheads on spots,Try to encourage your teens not to do so, as the result may seem to be a lot worse than the original site or blackheads ever did.Remind them that picking and squeezing can cause sore in anger and inflammation,crusty scabs,The scar that eventually left behind is all the damage.Trying to disguise acne and makeup-When the skin is not broken, it is much easier to get up,Bleeding or covered in scabs.\ N \ r
not sure -?Fire acne remedy,But try to recommend washing with a drug-containing face four times a day-wash,Dry the skin thoroughly with a rough towel to encourage the removal of dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause more spots to develop.There are a lot of anti-acne remedies formulated by young people who can try spots on the market.If you can find a good job,then great!But if irritation occurs, it is better to use a natural product made of plant extracts such as petti grains,This helps to control the amount of sebum produced by the skin.Orange oil is good for skin color.Chamomile oil helps to relieve skin and reduce inflammation,Lavender oil is a good preservative that can help to heal faster.In the old places that have healed well,Use cream containing comfrey extract,This is considered to reduce the risk of skin scars.\ N \ r
hard disk monitor teenagers to eat,They often consume a lot of junk food when they go out of the house.Bad-smelling fried food and chocolate are blamed for acne,But there is no medical evidence to support these theories.But we know what nutrition is good for the skin,So when they eat at homeMake sure they get enough vitamin C, which helps to repair and grow new skin cells.Plenty of fresh fruit salad for pudding,Fresh orange juice and breakfast.Good nutrition is the cornerstone of the treatment of acne.\ N \ r
these are just some tips to get you started,But in my new book, a group of experts also provide a lot of other helpful advice on the management and treatment of acne,Can be used for acne patients regardless of your age.See my author box for more information.N \ r
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